Ladies becoming a 21st Century Female Boss has seriously become the new motto and you got to get on board!

Compared to the previous generations, do you know how lucky we are to have all the opportunities we have? This is exactly why it is so important to make use of all the opportunities we have. However, ambition and passion for excelling has got to be on your bucket list; whether it is in our daily jobs or even in smaller acts of being a positive influence to those around you.

So… this week, I registered onto a postgraduate course at University of Bedfordshire studying MSc Digital Marketing and can I say; this has been one of the best decisions I have made this year. But that’s not the point I was making… during the induction we had a motivational speaker who came to talk to us about goals and ambitions. During her talk, she asked us to scrunch up a paper and try to throw it into the bin from where we were sitting. You can just imagine, there were some people who sat right in front and some were right at the back. The ones who sat at the back obviously had to throw a little bit harder than the ones in front simply because of the position they were at. The point she was trying to make is that unfortunately, life is not the same for everyone. You have got to:

Know your position and do what you got to do, to get to where you need to be.

Have your own kind of GPS in your life and not the one that you and I know about. This is your own kind of GPS which stands for:

  • G- goals: have goals, plan them and do them
  • P- position: position yourself and know where you are. Don’t try and put yourself in someone’s place.
  • S- start: do it and do it now. When we had to aim to throw the paper in the bin, we were a little hesitant, we didn’t do it straight away, well I didn’t. I was contemplating and thinking what if… NO just do it because tomorrow never comes.


Another example is just like starting a race, when your on the track, you position yourself in your lane and focus on finishing that race in your own lane. Looking back/or to the side to see were everyone else is will only slow you down: stay focused. It just reminds me of the story of Lots wife in the bible (for those unfamiliar, in summary) God was destroying the land of Sodom. They were instructed to leave the city and never to look back or they will turn into a pillar of salt and because Lots wife disobeyed by turning around she turned into a pillar of salt. My point is stay focused, look at your own life and be your own competition. And

“only ever look back to see how far you have come”


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