”My Curl, My Cantu” – Deep Conditioning Product Review

Welcome back ladies! I know, I know! It’s been a while since I have been here. But guess what? She’s back and here to stay… LOL!

So I have been using Cantu Shea Butter products for a couple of months now and I have to say they have been one of the few best products I have used. My hair absolutely loves the products, my hair feels so soft and smells AMAZING! I literally only use these products at the moment with no other brands. I have seen a massive difference, my hair has grown since my transition from relaxed hair to being natural and not forgetting the THICKNESS of it! One of these days I will do a length check to show you the progress of my hair from when I cut the relaxed ends. But I have a question to ask you.  How often do you deep condition your hair? If you don’t, here are reasons why you should deep condition.


Deep conditioning your hair helps:


Do you straighten your hair or flat iron your hair a lot? Well, deep conditioning helps repair your hair from all the styling, colouring, or straightening we do to it on a daily/weekly basis. It helps by shielding the hair from the damage you’ve already caused to it. Again, it’s all about restoring the hair with the nutrients and moisture it needs. If you particularly dye your hair, it tends to dry out quicker because of the chemicals. We need to MOISTURE, MOISTURE, MOISTURE…we need as much as we can get!

This swiftly leads to the the next point that which is:


Moisture is one of the keys secrets to healthier hair. If you suffer from dry scalp so often then deep conditioning can assist in that area! Look for deep conditioners that have products that your hair would love. This can only be done by knowing your hair and seeing which products work for you and elminating the ones that don’t.  If your hair is not correctly moisturised, it may become dry and can be prone to breakage. And also to add, doing regular deep conditioning with heat will also help to keep your curls strong and also help to retain the moisture your hair needs to stay healthy.


Don’t we all just love a bit of Shine? I will be shocked if you don’t! Deep conditioning penetrates through the hair and helps restore the natural shine to the hair. After a while, your hair tends to get build up from the weather and other products. It helps smooth your hair and allows you to gain back the natural shine in your hair.  Can you possibly tell me you wouldn’t want that?


These are few tips that I have been using on my hair, let me know what you ladies use and how often you deep condition your hair.

Till next time ladies



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