How long can you go WITHOUT heat on your hair?

So, at the moment I am officially on aNO HEAT policy until further notice. A lot of people are asking me how on earth I’m doing it so I thought I would share the various ways I manage my hair and stretching it out using heat-free methods.

My hair has been through the most with the amount of hair dye, blow drying, straighteners, bonding glue and so much more! I could seriously write a book that has no ending about my many encounters I have had that has damaged my hair. Seriously ladies, sometimes we have no idea how much heat can make a dent in our hair journey. But guess what, we are superwomen which = survivors.

Okay let me just say, there’snothing wrong with using heat in your hair, but too much of it can be bad for you. Just like everything else really – too much of anything is not good.

Anyways, moving right on…

There are many ways of doing this, just depends on your preference but these are my top 3 methods I use which are easy. And quick to do. I usually do this after shampooing my hair or co-washing it, moisturised and most of the time will be damp, it just makes it easier to manage and reduces risk of breakage or damage.

1. 2-Strand Twist

This is probably the most popular way of doing this and I think my fav. It’s so simple and quick to get done especially if you don’t have time. If your feeling lazy or running out of time you can just play around with the size and it will still look good but remember the smaller the more defined your end result will be. I usually have this twist out for a couple of days, put my wig on and good to go! And when I undo them OMG! But don’t forget to moisturise your hair with your fav products.

2. 3-Strand Twist

I usually do this when when I’m feeling to have a more defined curl pattern. This method works best for my hair and I usually do this when I have the time to really spend on my hair and just like the twist out I spend a few days with it before undoing it and yes I rock the wig. No-one knows what’s under {except you!}

3. Wool

Ohh I’m taking you way back right? Yass for my Africans you know very well what I’m talking about. With this method all you do is take your sectioned moisturised hair and wrap the wool around your hair all the way down and for a better effect, rock the wig for a couple of days. I have to agree this method stretches out my hair the most but find that my hair tends to try up very quickly. Apparently this issue is the same for many people and I was told that I should swap wool for thread. Don’t know if it works cause I haven’t really tried it out.

However, I usually do this when I am prepping my hair for a protective hairstyle, just like the one below.

Like I said there are mannnnyyy ways but these are the few I use. If you are looking for some to try I have given you a suggestion of three and for those that are using some methods which ones are those?

I have to say I am really proud of myself, I haven’t used heat since the beginning of the year! And with that been said, is anyone joining me on the zero heat diet?



3 Replies to “How long can you go WITHOUT heat on your hair?”

    1. I’ve only been natural for a couple of months and my hair and not been using heat, my hair already feels so good and looks better too! 3 years is a long time and I hope I can go that long as well. Have you been tempted ?


      1. i was going to this november but i decided to move it to next year probably february around my birthday time. but i havent really been tempted to, i didnt put much thought to it and i dont miss having relaxed hair one bit so im not freaked about having straight hair


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