Single and Married Seminar: All Matters of the Heart

So Saturday the 5th May was a blessed day were many people received revelation and guidance, well I surely did. Prophet John and Prophetess Josephine Enumah taught on all matters of the heart at the Single and Married Seminar.

We all came expecting and we all received! The food was good, weather was amazing and most importantly the teaching got everyone that attended thinking. It surely was a day were you would self reflect and really understand the fundamentals of what it means to truly be in a relationship and how to progress to the next level. These are important, but just like what my mum always says to me; only you can design your own marriage – different strokes for different folks.

During the seminar, he touched on some of the basic issues that can affect a relationship such as pre-nup. Whilst also touching on the roles of who a man and a woman is: (a man should be the seed carrier, the woman is the soil and God is the Farmer and Cultivator). The two areas that got me thinking the most was firstly making sure that the person you are with is accountable to someone, someone who is not just God but for instance can be your Pastor, mentor etc, basically someone they respect.

With that being said, a man must be in the presence: in the beginning God created Adam and he was put in the Garden of Eden; ever asked yourself why God placed him in the Garden of Eden?

*Fun fact: God put this man in the presence (Eden), this is why till this very day we cannot find Eden, (it’s not a place but the presence of God). The first thing that God gave a man was His presence – therefore the first thing that a man needs IS NOT A WOMAN. A woman should meet a man in the presence of God. (LOL I know right) Eve met Adam in the presence of God. In the book of Genesis, God said, “it is not good for a man to be alone…” Because of that, he caused Adam to be in deep sleep and took out his rib and made Eve to be his helper. All my sisters out there, we need to make sure that its the Adam God placed in the Garden of Eden for you and all my brothers out there – you got to make sure that the rib fits perfectly, if not guys the relationship will be so painful. Ever wondered how life would be if you had the wrong rib in yor rib cage?

Another interesting fact that was mentioned was DELIVERANCE before marriage. I never thought this was needed before going to this seminar (deliverance needs to be done as an individual and as a couple). Sometimes we enter into the wrong relationship, during that time it may seem all ‘rosy’ but as painful as it may sound, that’s not the your Adam or Eve – and just like a usb with a virus plugged into a computer you catch viruses but guess what, Our Way Maker, Miracle Worker, Promise Keeper, Light In The Darkness can erase and WIPE that all out! Deliverance is important, you flush out things you don’t need in your life!

I really enjoyed this and I hope you did too. If you feel like you missed out and would like a copy, you can contact to receive your very own.

Thanks for reading, be blessed, be encouraged; this is a great new week to start your own new beginning, just like what Prophet said: “You can’t lay the foundation stones of marriage without GOD being the CHIEF ARCHITECT‘  




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